Divine Dark Feminine Energy Crystal Set

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This set is limited edition. Once these have sold out they are gone forever!

Set includes a crystal beaded bracelet, small crystal sphere, acrylic sphere stand, crystal chips in a small glass bottle, and a heart-shaped clear container.

This is a crystal set for getting in touch with your Divine Dark Feminine Energy. Use it to tap into your feminine energy and utilize the beautiful crystals in this set to empower yourself and bring forth your manifestations and desires.

The Dark Feminine Energy embodies the energy of tapping into your true inner power, setting boundaries within relationships, embodying your emotions, and using your emotions for your deepest desires. No more shaming who you are and how you feel.

The Dark Feminine is about embracing your wild side and no longer shaming yourself for the things that make you a powerful force of femininity. It is your time to truly embrace your shadows, heal your traumas and wounds, and fully come into yourself. No more holding back and no more limiting your potential for greatness <3